Sunday, August 7, 2011

As promised, a cookie post

So I stupidly baked a GIANT AMOUNT of cookies, and it took all day. I thought I'd tell you guys what recipes I used. Except that sugar cookie recipe, because I would have to go get it and type it in. It's named "Kentucky Sugar Cookies" or something like that - it's a no-freeze recipe.

Please note, when you're doing this many cookies, it doesn't matter if something requires freezing.

Peanut Butter Munchies were a must-make. I made them last year, and Sarah loved them, and the July party is always right at her (and her husband's and my husband's) birthday(s - they're all on separate days in the same week), so I had to. Please note that the only way I can get my portions even is to split things. For the chocolate ones, I tend to split it into 64ths (split in half, split that in half for fourths, split that in fourths for sixteenths, split that in fourths for 64ths), and split my peanut butter into 32nds (just like the chocolate part, but instead of splitting sixteenths into fourths, just split them in half). This is because I flatten two chocolate 64ths and stick a peanut butter 32nd in-between - it's easier than trying to reshape a chocolate 32nd around it.

S'mores Cookies were made because my MIL bought s'mores supplies for the 4th, and then spent the week complaining about her weight (she gained 2 pounds! of water weight really, from sodium and watermelon). Similar to the Peanut Butter Munchies conundrum: I don't have a cookie scoop, and it was sort of easier in my mind to scoop this out in 1-tablespoon increments for easier forming. Instead of mini marshmallows, I cut jumbo marshmallows in half (you need 18 for one batch then) and froze them by throwing them in a freezer ziploc in the freezer. I also had regular graham crackers, and Hershey bars (I think five chopped up were enough for one batch; I did two, so I mixed Hershey bars and chocolate chips), so it was a little different. Also - if you do the 1-tablespoon scoop, it might be slightly difficult to seal your cookie around the marshmallow because of the graham crackers. Don't worry about it. Your cookies will not die. Though they may "volcano" if you reheat them in the microwave later. Not badly, though, or so I'm told.

Finally, we come to the genius part of this section: Almost Thin Mints that don't melt. I pretty much added 3/4 tsp of mint extract when I added the vanilla in this Top Secret Chocolate Cookies recipe (dear Food Network: how is it secret when it gets to your site?). I didn't bother to top it with sugar at the end. This made a thin cookie for me (my MIL has a weird oven, and remember that we're pretty close to sea level), but it might not for you. If it's not thin mint enough (i.e. Where's the chocolate coating?!), then I would add the Dark Chocolate Coating from this Thin Mint recipe online. Looking back, that Thin Mint recipe isn't terribly different from what I did, but whatever. I FELT GENIUS, I TELL YOU.

(psst, this was cross-posted in a Ravelry group as well)

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