Wednesday, January 26, 2011

*stares superhard at blackboard*

I'm teaching two sections of the same course, and had my sections cross-listed on our university's version of Blackboard. That way the students could work together and collaborate on projects, comment on each other's weekly reading journals, etc.

The first reading journals were posted tonight, and so I have gone in to grade them. All my students are listed in the grade book... but when I try and grade the journals (blog-type discussions), it only seems to let me grade one section of the course. *sigh*

Tomorrow I'll be looking into this more. I can't tell if I am missing a setting in Blackboard or not, but this is a little frustrating. But still much cooler than collecting 120 pages worth of journals and hand-writing comments.


  1. i have had really good luck with their support staff, especially regarding cross-listed courses. good luck figuring it out!

  2. If you are still having trouble, just let me know and I'll have a look.