Friday, January 28, 2011

So far...

I have had five responses to an anonymous1 Blackboard post about the possibility of using twitter.

One response said that it was a good idea.

However, all of them responded on various shades of, "Helllllll noooo." Actual stated reasons so far vary from, "I think Blackboard works just fine," to "I don't want to check something else," to "It's blocked from my phone."

I'll keep you updated if more responses come in.

1: Anonymous, as in the thread group is marked, "Questions from your teacher," but the setting is set to keep the poster's identity anonymous. Even from me. So while I am curious to know about our "Helllllll noooo" poster, I am left in the dark.


  1. Polling your students is a great idea. I really like getting my students' feedback on stuff, especially when I'm trying something out for the first time or thinking about switching the format up a bit. I'm curious to see what the rest of your responses will be.

  2. I'm curious if you said why you were thinking about using Twitter? If you have a good reason, they might be more amenable to the idea. Otherwise, students might just see it as something extra that they have to do.

  3. If I think back to me as an undergraduate, I probably would not have been as open to Twitter as you would want me to be. It is one more thing to check, and even if you had a smartphone, I don't know if I would want to link my phone to Twitter. It does seem like one more thing to worry about. I wish Twitter could sync up with google.

  4. I think that as time goes by you will have more and more people open to Twitter (the longer it is around). It is no longer really "new" and with as many people carrying around smartphones and ipads there is no real need to "check" Twitter - it comes to you. For instance, on my Blackberry I use UberTwitter and have alerts set up. When something of interest pops up it notifies me with a little chirp. This isn't a text - so it doesn't take way from my minutes or cost extra money. It is a mobile application which is how 42% of Twitter users access their accounts anyhow. This is why I want to figure out some good uses for the classroom. :) I really like your theme btw - cute books.